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If you make products or equipment that must stand up to real world conditions, we can help you make them smarter, quieter and more efficient. As a global supplier of precision fabricated thermal and acoustical materials, Concote manufactures and distributes foam, fiberglass, plastics and adhesives with an eye towards maximizing efficiency, performance and durability.


Spectape is a distributorship, reselling and converting industrial packaging tapes, packaging materials and other specialty items predominantly involving pressure sensitive adhesive systems.

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Insul-Fab is a manufacturer and converter of foam goods, rubber products, fiberglass, plastics, adhesives and other composite materials which serve primarily as acoustic, thermal and electrical barriers and insulators. All of Insul-Fab’s products are made to customer-specification.

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May 23, 2018


Insul-Fab embraced the ISO 9001 Quality Standard in 2008. Since that time, it has made major commitments to continually improving its Quality System, including investing in an Advanced Quality Software system from IQS, Inc.

Most recently, Insul-Fab updated its Quality System to AS 9100D, the latest revision of the Aerospace and Defense Quality Standard. The AS 9100D revision incorporates the concepts contained in the ISO 9001 standard, but enhances the level of compliance to meet the exacting requirements of the aerospace and defense industries, which ultimately benefits all customers.

February 8, 2018


Insul-Fab is pleased to have been selected by a major aerospace OEM to assist with material selection and design implementation for a moisture control application.

As condensation in an aircraft freezes at altitude and then melts upon the aircraft’s decent into warmer temperatures, overhead moisture migrates into passenger cabin areas, a phenomenon often referred to as “rain on the plane.”

Insul-Fab assisted a major customer in analyzing several needle-punched, nonwoven felt materials that wick moisture away from entry points in the cabin. The end result was a bevel-edged, die cut gasket with pressure sensitive adhesive to assist in installation. The gasket diffuses moisture across its surface, allowing evaporation without pooling or dripping in passenger areas.

Condensation is a continuing problem in appliance, HVAC, refrigeration and a number of general industrial applications. Contact Insul-Fab to discuss not only thermal management solutions, but also moisture management solutions for equipment.

Concote Enhances Thermoforming Capability

Each year, Concote makes significant capital investments in its production capabilities.

In 2016, one of Concote’s major initiatives was to enhance its thermoforming capabilities. As a result, it purchased a large-bed, Gulden Single Station Thermoformer. The machine can hold a 48” x 96” mold and has upper and lower independent platens with pneumatic clamping frames for quick cycle production. Additionally, it has an enclosed, quartz hearting-controlled oven, making it ideal for materials that require precision temperature control, such as heavy gauge plastics and high-density foams.

The new thermoformer, coupled with Concote’s in-house mold production and post-production precision trimming and measuring equipment, make Concote a clear choice for thermoforming and pressure forming three dimensional parts and profiles. This is just one reason that Boeing has approved Concote to perform thermoforming and thermobonding of parts for its newer-model aircraft.

In order to request more information on Concote’s thermoforming capabilities, please view our video page or visit the Contact page.

Concote Enters Into Supply Agreement With Rogers Corporation - 11/3/2015

With more than 180 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, Rogers provides product designers with solutions to their most demanding challenges. Roger's innovative materials technologies help power, protect and connect the world.

Headquartered in Connecticut (USA), Rogers operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, China, Germany and South Korea, with joint ventures and sales offices worldwide.

Concote Forges Alliance with Zotefoams - 10/1/2015

Zotefoams plc is the world’s leading manufacturer of cross linked block foams. Its products are used in a wide range of markets including sports and leisure, packaging, transport, healthcare, toys, building, marine and the military.

Through a unique production process, the company produces foams that have controlled properties and are of strength, consistency, quality and purity superior to foams produced by other methods.

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