About Us

Concote Corporation (pronounced “kon-kote”) is a privately-held corporation with a global customer base. Concote’s headquarters are located in Coppell, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas, Texas situated slightly to the Northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Concote also maintains smaller production facilities in Tyler, Texas and in Monterrey, Mexico.

Concote has two distinct business segments which it operates as separate divisions of the company:"Spectape of Texas (“Spectape”) and Insul-Fab.

Spectape is a distributorship, reselling and converting industrial packaging tapes, packaging materials and other specialty items predominantly involving pressure sensitive adhesive systems.

Insul-Fab is a manufacturer and converter of foam goods, rubber products, fiberglass, plastics, adhesives and other composite materials which serve primarily as acoustic, thermal and electrical barriers and insulators. All of Insul-Fab’s products are made to customer-specification.

Both divisions rely heavily on strategic relationships with suppliers that offer exclusivity, preferred pricing or other characteristics that allow them to differentiate themselves as providers of unique products. Concote’s value proposition is to provide unique, economical customer-based solutions.

Concote’s mission is simple: to be a cutting edge, global fabricator and distributor of foams, insulation materials, plastics and adhesives.

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